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An odd combination. A DVD-ROM drive, a CD-burner, an ancient Matsushita 5.25" drive and a standard 3.5" disk drive on a PC without a front casing. Very, very techy.


Datenspeicher, Nanomechanik
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Fake SanDisk

I recently purchased one (what I though was genuine) SanDisk Ultra II 2gb card off a UK based eBay seller for £35.99, thought I got me a bit of a bargain, card arrived within 2 days. But my suspicions about the legitimacy of the card were raised almost as soon as I got it out of the box, the print quality on the label of the card is iffy, no serial number on the card, instructions look like it's a photocopied piece of paper, instructions state 5year warranty, box states 'lifetime'. I contacted SanDisk in the UK and they confirmed the card is more than likely a fake so I therefore contacted the seller warning him his 'supplier' was selling him fake cards, even though I know he sold this to me knowing it's fake, he offered me a refund, which I have declined as i'm going to report him to eBay and PayPal.
Bild: BigTallGuy