Revolutionary User Interfaces

The human computer interface helps to define computing at any one time. As computers have become more mainstream the interfaces have become more intimate. This is the journey of computer technology and how it has come to touch all of our lives.
Grafik Arjuna Soriano

Look and Feel

Bild: Verkleinertes Original mit freundlicher Genehmigung Ritsch & Renn
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IntelFreePress – Flickr

IntelFreePress – Flickr

studio 2008

here's the latest incarnation of my home studio. sonar 7 running on a quad-core intel box with a pulsar scope ii card.. with a whole ton of keyboards (the sh-101 is still my favorite, of course) and my basses. i'm still trying to figure out how to get the akai working with sonar, but i'm sure it won't take too much longer (i hope)

Roland Jupiter-8 Synth, 1983

This metal-clad eight-voice monstrosity was extremely powerful for its time, but it was an unreliable beast, crashing spontaneously, one time in the middle of a gig. I shipped it to Roland in California twice for repairs, but the crashes continued. I paid $4600 for it back around 1981, I think.
Bild: euthman

joozz in the clocktower 3 (second life)

This was a marathon performance for performers listed on the 61 to get bump-bombed and promoted so the public would get an idea of the music going on in SL. I tried to tip everyone a decent amount, but in the end this violated my principle of giving 10,000L or more to any live musician in the tower. I have tried to make up for that with Tunes inSL.