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Creative Tools – Flickr

post-apocalyptic research institute – Flickr

the replicator

La nueva impresora de Makerbot en venta en la tienda online de Ultra-lab
Bild: Ultra-lab

Makerbot – The Robot That Sharing Built (Bre Pettis at re:publica 2010) Bre Pettis: "MakerBot Industries sells an affordable DIY 3D printer and are at the crossroads of open source web 2.0 culture and personalized manufacturing. In this talk, Bre Pettis will map pathways through the shifting landscape of community based research and production. This talk will offer serious commentary on the opportunities for collaboration in manufacturing and include evocative stories and anecdotes about rapidly manufactured engagement rings, body part replication, news printed on toast, object teleportation over ip, and automated cupcake decoration. The take-away will be real-world examples that showcase the power of open systems and shared development in a manufacturing context."

Jon Olav – Flickr

Bild: Jon Olav

Jordanhill School D&T Dept – Flickr

Creative Tools – Flickr

Epson Deutschland – Pressemitteilungen