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Dark Glasses

Dark Glasses is a online campaign to support Chen Guangcheng and calling for his freedom. Chen GuangCheng is a blind civil rights activist. He exposed the violent treatment of villagers during local government's implementation of China's One Child Policy in Linyi, Shandong Province. This angered the authorities. He was sentenced to imprisonment for a fabricated crime of "damaging public property and disrupt traffic". Dark Glasses. Portrait campaign calls Chinese citizens and people around the world to express their concern and support for Chen Guangcheng. Every participant puts on a pair of dark glasses (sunglasses/blindfold), takes a portrait, writes a few words about his/her thoughts, and sends the picture to the campaign. The pictures form a silent picture wall at ichenguangcheng.blogspot.com/ to show our solidarity of standing together with Chen.credit: ichenguangcheng.blogspot.com
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