The ABB Group – Automation and Power Technologies

Paint robot manufacturing

A factory worker completing a paint robot at ABB's paint robot factory at Bryne, Norway.

Paint robot final testing

A final test of a paint robot from ABB's factury in Bryne, Norway.

Robot programmers

2 ABB's Flexpendant (a) is part of the IRC5 package. It supports robot programmers (b) through its ergonomic design, customized menus and touch screen.



ABB robots

ABB robots lift heavy loads with precision for material handling, finishing and assembly applications. We have more than 120,000 industrial robots installed worldwide.



ABB MultiMove functionality heralds a new era in robot applications

There is more to robot coordination than avoiding collisions. Operators wish for more precise synchronisation so that robots can team up to complete tasks that a single robot cannot perform. Two robots could, for example, lift an object that is too heavy or too bendy for a single robot. Or a group of robots could simultaneously work on an object while it is moving or rotating.

Robots move drives to final assembly

ABB's low-voltage AC drives factory in Helsinki, Finland. Industrial robots nicknamed "Voyager" help make variable speed drives.

Swiss Miss cements a deal

Holcim Ltd. asked ABB to automate cement production sampling. Using ABB technology, the world's number two cement maker improved quality control throughout its entire production process. At the front end is Swisslady, a ?reception robot? which automatically analyzes samples from six stages of cement production.

Picking pizzas

Picking pizzas from a moving conveyor belt. Products are handled with precision to avoid any spilling of ingredients.

The right gripper

The right gripper for a delicate job. ABB robots can gently handle a wide range products.

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