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X-ray of the foot of a patient

Canadian Forces Medical Officer Major Max Talbot checks the X-ray of the foot of a patient at the Role 3 medical facility at Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan. Major Talbot is currently serving with the Canadian Forces' Joint Task Force Afghanistan.


An MRI shot of my brain before my posterior fossa decompression (brain surgery) for Arnold Chiari Malformation. See the white blob towards the bottom right? That's not supposed to be there - it's my cerebellum sinking down into my spinal column. That's what Chiari does. The brain drops down & blocks the flow of CSF (spinal fluid.) Bad news & I was sick for almost three years before getting diagnosed in the fall of 2005. Posterior fossa decompression is where they remove part of the back of your skull & create a patch that holds your cerebellum up.