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Bild: Dekaritae

My joystick

Flickr Fotodownload: My joystick; this picture is only notable because it was taken in complete darkness

ES-IJK ready for take-off

After spending a day on the airport assemblying gliders (sailplanes) after the winter, I was so excited I just had to get out my flight simulator gear. This was the first time I tried VATSIM, the Virtual Air Traffic Flight Simulation Network . In VATSIM you have people all over the world flying in one network, with real voice-based ATC controllers with whom you have to communicate for traffic instructions. In some ways this is very similar to real instrument flying, as you need real charts and real aviation radio communication skills. My new joystick and throttle add a lot to the fun :)
Bild: JKaljundi

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Höchste Zeit für Wii-Nachfolger

04.06.2012 Die Grafik zeigt die Absatzzahlen von Nintendo-Konsolen (Nintendo 64, Game Cube, Wii) 1997 bis 2012 Nintendo-Geschäftsjahr endet am 31. März).
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