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EIZO FlexScan L565 17"

Native resolution 1280x1024 so the display is exactly twice as wide as the ST Hi Resolution image. Unfortunately the 640x400 image is scaled vertically by the monitor to become 640x480, so we see a stretched rows of pixels every 8 or so rows. Smoothing is switched off using the OSD to get the perfect black and white tones. This is my preferred display.

LCD Macro

This was taken with a reverse-lens setup, these are the individual RGB pixel cells of my computer monitor.

Mosman Library – Flickr

Another control room

I kind of lost track of all the big rooms full of TV screens and electronic equipment, so I'm not sure what the specific purpose of all this is, other than to impress tour groups. Doors Open Toronto 2012.
Bild: Loozrboy

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Bild: mstephens7

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