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The St. Regis Doha

Steeped in Middle Eastern mystique, The St. Regis Doha is surrounded by the tranquil blue 160 meters direct beachfront of the Arabian Gulf and as towering sand dunes and ancient architecture paint a magnificent landscape.

Sam Agnew – Flickr

Bild: Sam Agnew

Das Ende der Glühbirne!

Das Ende der Glühbirne! (Klaus Stuttmann Karikaturen - 31.08.2012)
Bild: Verkleinertes Original mit freundlicher Genehmigung Klaus Stuttmann
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Europe night lights 1992-2010

This animation is made up of two images of Europe at night showing lights from sources in cities and along roads in 1992 and 2010. Bright areas highly correlate with high population density – such as the densely populated cities like London, Paris and Rome. Coastal areas are also more populated than inland regions, making the outline of Europe clearly visible in these night images.

Jesse Ramsden (Liebig trade card)

Leibig lithographic chromo trade card; c1907; showing the English astronomical and scientific instrument maker Jesse Ramsden (1735-1800). Here he is demonstrating his new electricity generator in the year 1766.

ISS-Nachtaufnahmen: Leuchtende Städte – Aktuell – FAZ

12.06.2012 · Bis vor kurzem fotografierten die Astronauten auf der ISS die Erde mit der Kamera in der Hand - und der üblichen Unschärfe. Jetzt haben sie ein High-Tech-Stativ. FAZ.NET zeigt beeindruckende Nachtaufnahmen von den Städten unserer Welt.
Bild: Image credit NASA

Lux aeterna – incandescent wires

The meditative glowing of the incandescent wire, pulsating, weak and reddish, before it reaches its maximum output giving off blazing bright light, uncertain as to whether it means the beginning or the end. credit: rubra

Ars Electronica – Flickr

Wikipedia – Die freie Enzyklopädie

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