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Our son was born with a coarctation of his aorta, which required surgery when he was 13 days old. It was a sudden thing for us. Jen was taking him to his first doctor's well-visit, and less than 24 hours later he was in the operating room, having the narrow part of his aorta snipped out, and the loose ends reconnected. Now he's two-and-a-half years old and aside from the one-inch scar on his back, there's no way anyone would know that there was ever anything wrong with him. This photo was taken the night before his surgery, hooked up to the respirator, various monitors, and other assorted machines.
Bild: Randy Cox

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IBM Press room – United States

Surgery at Palomar West

Palomar Pomerado's plans for a new hospital, and with the help of Cisco, a simulation. Lots of near-future goodies like robotic surgery, MRI scanning robots, Internet access from your bed... Here's me having gall bladder surgery. Painless! The tour is a bit rough, be sure to get and wear your ID bracelet and take the elevator from the lobby. Wait for and follow the instructions. It's hard to do a free form feeling tour, much easier if you put everyone in a "doom-buggy," but this was as good a try as I have seen. The content was certainly professional. I'll be looking forward to see what is in store for the sim. Currently it is a nice glimpse into the future, but I'd also like to see what can be done to help/educate people now.


Continuing the proof of concept, here I am at the records counter at the Ann Myers Medical Center and logged into an Electronic Medical Records / Clinical Information System from within the SL client. This time I've brought up a patient's record. I could see how this would further enhance medical simulation and training. Basically, hijacked the SL client's help window and logged into an Open Source medical software demo (ClearHealth.) More at my blog- Knoh Oh Second Life Healthcare Tourist

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Stephen Hawking with PC Team

Travis Bonifield (from left to right), Rob Weatherly, an Intel employee who provides IT support for Hawking, Sam Blackburn, graduate assistant for Hawking, and Stephen Hawking.

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