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RAF Bomb Disposal Unit with Wheelbarrow Robot

A Royal Air Force Bomb Disposal Unit member with 5131 (Bomb Disposal)Sqn RAF Wittering, is pictured with a Wheelbarrow remote controlled robotic device. This life saving equipment can be used to locate, study and detonate deadly IED's or UXB's, keeping members of 5131 (BD) Squadron out of danger. Photographer: SAC Adam Fletcher Image 45153963.jpg from

RAF Bomb Disposal Unit Operating a Pigstick Weapon

A member of 5131 (Bomb Disposal) Squadron RAF Wittering, is pictured remotely operating a Pigstick weapon. This manual weapon when deployed, is placed next to unexploded ordnance or an IED and detonated from a safe distance using a commandwire. Photographer: SAC Adam Fletcher Image 45153961.jpg from

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